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Whats really going on with the moon?

Heidi Jane - Friday, October 10, 2014

In this week's blog Heidi talks about the moon, lunar cycles and what she feels is really going on. This may stir up strong feelings for some people, so be sure to always check in with your own heart and intuition as to what feels right and true for you.

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This weeks Blogtalk radio show on News For the Soul

Heidi Jane - Friday, October 03, 2014

Here is this week's show for your listening enjoyment. I speak about Empaths, poverty consciousness and monetary controls.


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Empaths Survival Guide Workshop Saturday 2nd August 2014

Heidi Jane - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Have you ever wondered if you are an Empath?

During this one day, inspirational and informative workshop you will discover if you are an Empath and how to manage yourself and your unique way of experiencing the world.

Heidi, an Empath herself, has tried and tested what works and what doesn’t and, can assist you to find relief from feeling overwhelmed in your life.

Ask yourself:

• Do you struggle to make sense of your feelings, thoughts and emotions?
• Do you feel overwhelmed and emotionally over-sensitive to your surroundings?
• Are you experiencing health issues that you cant explain?

Even if you feel your child or loved one is an Empath, then this workshop will still be highly beneficial for you.

During this interactive and educational workshop, Heidi will give you the tools to understand your own unique place in the world. This will include processes and exercises to determine how you can understand your own energy better and how to create healthy and clear boundaries with others.

Heidi will address the Empath’s need and underlying desire to help people and how this unconscious directive can create both challenges and blessings in their lives and relationships. Famous Empaths will be discussed so that you will understand that you too can be very successful as an Empath.

Heidi will give you a practical understanding of how Empaths can make healthy changes and choices in their lives to get the most from their unique and often misunderstood experience in this world.

The workshop will include a description of what an Empath is, including questions or a checklist offered to the participants so you may discern whether you are Empath.

Heidi may also address:
• How to manage being an Empath in the modern world
• What an Empath’s purpose is
• How Empaths interact with psychic, mental, emotional and physical energy
• How Empaths struggle with health issues and challenges, including weight gain
• How to best fulfill their soul’s purpose as a unique and different human being
• How Empaths are often labeled as mentally ill or as ADD, especially as children
• How to have healthy relationships
• How to master your unique spiritual ability
• What is the best diet for you
• How to manage your energy
• The anatomy of an Empath
• The best careers for an Empath
• What you are here on Earth to do

As a part of the workshop:

You will receive an information manual to take with you so that you may use it as a reference.

You will go home with the knowledge of just how amazing and unique you really are!
Book now!

Health Issues for Highly Sensitive People

Heidi Jane - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

In the fast paced world in which we live, even the most sturdy of people can face health issues, so it stands to reason that people who consider themselves to be highly sensitive or identify themselves as an Empath struggle even more. It is now widely recognised by scientists, doctors, psychologists and other healthcare practitioners that stress and toxicity in the body can lead to a whole host of health challenges, potentially leading to disease. For the average person living life in a highly populated city, and even those that may live in more rural environments, it can be a challenge to stay on top of financial responsibilities, family responsibilities, stressful working environments and the other myriad day-to-day commitments that we seem to pile on top of ourselves. We are told that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat (unless it's organic) all contain toxic chemicals that our bodies are trying to manage on a day-to-day basis. Add to this, the emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual toxicity that people also have to deal with and you start to get the picture of why so many people are struggling with their health at the moment.

As an Empath or highly sensitive person, the tendency is to absorb all of the toxic waste that is in our environment. This can have profound effects, interrupting sleep, digestion, the body's natural cleansing processes, the connection to our higher mind and higher self, and also causing strong emotional reactions and mood swings. We are processing everybody else’s stuff, before we even get a chance to recognise what belongs to us and what we need to clear out for ourselves. This can also manifest as a physical issue with weight gain and long-term difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Why does this happen? The body is constantly perceiving a potential threat from the external environment and therefore, literally pads itself to minimise the impact of these threats. Unfortunately, this doesn't actually work and so many sensitive people beat themselves up, feeling helpless, feeling hopeless and struggle to have mastery over their physical health. It is also common that Empaths become depressed and remove themselves from others, hiding away and then struggling to physically move because they feel so low, which actually makes the toxicity worse! They also tend to crave sugary, high fat foods because this gives them a temporary "feel good sugar high".

What can you do to increase your health and lose weight?

  • Strengthen your boundaries, learning not to take on everyone's problems all the time.
  • Eat protein at every meal and high quality organic fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of pure water!
  • Consider doing a cleanse day once or twice a month, incorporating both a physical and emotional aspect.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Spend time outside everyday.
  • Incorporate an act of self-love, minimum three times a week. This could include reading a book, sitting in the sun, walking on the beach or whatever else you love to do.
  • Learn to say no, without beating yourself up.
  • Move your body, including walking, yoga, dancing, swimming, or anything else that gets your heart pumping and your energy flowing.
  • Last but not least, and perhaps the most important, be gentle with yourself. 

You are a unique and wondrous human being with immense potential to transform yourself, your health, and your life. Doing nothing is a choice, so I invite you to choose... you!

For more information about My Body is Perfect Conscious Weight Management Workshops, run by Heidi and/or health and cleansing Isagenix products please contact us on info@heidisvision or +612 9939 1568.

What I am NOT!

Heidi Jane - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Often I get asked to define what it is that someone like me actually does. You see, I don’t really look like your crystal ball gazing, headscarf wearing “psychic” and nor do I “talk to dead people”. 
Even within the spiritual industry itself, it can be confusing when trying to define who you are, and what it is exactly, that you do. It's true, that I have a great deal of experience within the different modalities that the spiritual industry contains. I do feel though, that I have started at the beginning, gone through the middle, and come out the other side, which gives me an awesome vantage point! (But that doesn’t mean my journey’s finished!)
Along the way of my personal journey, I found it difficult to define my particular skill set and the way that I naturally work with my intuition. This was due mainly, to me trying to compare myself to others and the desire to want to fit in. This only led me down a path of confusion, disconnection and frustration in trying to be something I'm not. Through this comparison, I figured out that I was not typical in any way and through that understanding I slowly began to define and determine who I am and what I do, on my own terms.
How then, was the average person, with very little knowledge regarding spirituality and intuition, supposed to understand what it is that I do, when I hadn't even clearly defined it for many years? I think it’s a good question.
I also understand that people don't like to look or feel stupid. They may not have all the answers or the terminology and so they are reluctant to actually ask me or others directly, rather relying on their assumptions based upon cultural beliefs and/or the media's representation of what intuition and spirituality is all about. This has often led to people sharing some very interesting ideas and concepts, I can assure you, especially around how I do what I do, and how I can use my intuitive skills to help people in their lives.
I also enjoy a challenge, and so decided along the way, to move away from working solely within the spiritual industry, with the intention of introducing the concepts of intuition into the mainstream marketplace. This hasn't been easy, especially when people expect me to pull out a crystal ball from my handbag in a meeting or consultation! Some people are pleasantly surprised when they discover that I look, act and speak like a “normal person” and, some people are very disappointed. I actually had one client tell me that according to him, I was supposed to have my eyes closed for the entire session, because that's what “real psychics” do. 
I know I have definitely broken down barriers, simply by making the technology that I use, accessible to everyone, through my books, blogs, TV appearances, radio shows and training, however there is still a long way to go.

So let me break it down for you in very simple terms, what it is that I DO, what I DON’T DO, what I AM and what I AM NOT!

What I Do:

  • Help you uncover strategies so that you may make informed decisions. 
  • Help you to uncover any conscious or unconscious sabotage behaviours and limiting beliefs and then help you clear them.
  • Help you to create a vision of your life, assisting you with the tools that will get you what you want. 
  • Help you to make choices based on your potential future outcomes.
  • Help you to discover who you truly are.
  • Help you to discover why you're here.
  • Help you to discover your purpose.
  • Help you to uncover your natural intuitive skills.
  • Help you to become passionate about your life and how you are living.
  • Help you to move past your past. 
  • Help you to embrace and utilise your shadow in a healthy way.
  • Help you to take your business to the next level of success.
  • Help you to form and sustain deep, loving and connected relationships. 
  • Help you to form and sustain a deep, loving and connected relationship with yourself.
  • Help you to create and sustain abundance and wealth.
  • Empower you to realise your immense untapped potential.

What I Don't Do:

  • Tell you what to do.
  • Make decisions on your behalf.
  • Talk to “Angels”.
  • Talk to “spirit guides”.
  • Talk to “dead people”.
  • Talk to "aliens" or "ET's"
  • Entrap you.
  • Use a crystal ball.
  • Use a Ouija Board.
  • Predict the future.
  • Guess.
  • Make deals.
  • Say things to scare you.
  • Say things to shock you.
  • Lie.
  • Trick.
  • Curse you.
  • Tell you what you want to hear.
  • Tell you information about yourself that is obvious and irrelevant to what we are addressing. 
  • Tell you when you will have a relationship, without addressing any potential limitations you may already have, regarding past or current relationships.
  • Disempower you in anyway.
  • Tell you when you're going to die.
  • Tell you when other people are going to die.
  • Tell you the winning lottery numbers. 
  • Tell you to leave a relationship.
  • Tell you to stay in a relationship.
  • Spy on other people and tell you what they are doing.
  • Give you financial advice.
  • Give you a medical diagnosis.
  • Tell you what your ex-boyfriend is up to.
  • Tell you what your ex-girlfriend is up to.
  • Tell you anything that isn't your business and has nothing to do with you.
  • Create fear, limitation or drama in your life.
  • Take responsibility for your life in anyway. 
  • And again, never tell you what to do.

What I Am:

  • An intuitive expert 
  • A teacher
  • A coach
  • A practitioner
  • An author 
  • An ordinary person with extra-ordinary skills
  • Experienced at transforming lives, with a high level of expertise 
  • Highly Sensitive
  • An Empath
  • Open and warm
  • Integrous
  • Down-to-earth and realistic
  • Practical and strategic
  • Results focused
  • Able to see the bigger picture
  • Able to understand you at the deepest level of yourself
  • Able to witness you and your behaviours without judgment 
  • An expert at helping you unlock your full potential

What I Am Not:

  • A psychic
  • A medium
  • A mind reader
  • A fortune teller
  • A Gypsy
  • An angel healer
  • A tarot card reader
  • An entertainer
  • A card reader
  • A spiritual healer
  • A Reiki healer
  • A spiritual channel
  • A spiritual medium
  • A platform medium
  • A trance channel
  • Someone who contacts or works with anything outside of this world
  • A hippy
  • A new ager
  • A love and lighter
  • A cosmic tripper 
  • A crystal healer 
  • Ever, going to tell you what to do.

As you read through the four lists above, notice what stands out to you. Is there anything that you can relate to, or that you recognise as a part of yourself? Has it become more clear to you, regarding what intuition is and isn't and how it can be used?

What I know to be true is this. 

You don't need to be special, talented or gifted to develop your intuitive skill set or to be fully self expressed in your life. If I can do it, so can you! That’s the beauty of your intuition! Everyone has it; yes everyone, every single person on this planet! All you may need to unlock your hidden potential, is perhaps some support, coaching or training and then you can access, utilize and master your own intuition, applying it in your life, for the rest of your life, however you choose!

Now you know what I do, and what I don’t do, who I am and who I am not. can I help you?


Please feel free to share this BlogPost to people who may be interested. I would love to read your comments below.

The Challenge of Being Grounded and Intuitive At The Same Time

Heidi Jane - Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Grounding is the concept of having your consciousness fully engaged in your physical body. The importance of being in the physical whilst connecting to your intuition cannot be understated. If you are ungrounded or flighty, you will be less effective as an intuitive and in your life, generally speaking. There is a misconception of the new age that you need to be out of your body to be connected. Nothing could be farther from the truth! If you are ungrounded, you will be more affected by the energy around you and other people’s shadows. This can eventually lead to health issues, including mental illness and energetic illness. A great number of highly skilled intuitives have at some point taken medication to numb themselves, including antidepressants and painkillers, legal and illegal, and food, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Once you have trained your soul and mastered your own energy, you won’t need to dumb down the experience of your life. Likewise, I have seen many so called "new agers" blissed out on spirit. This is a great indication that they are not fully engaged in their lives and that they are numbing themselves with the “bliss” drug. You may have met people like this, who perceive themselves as enlightened but can’t pay the rent. Developing your intuition is a holistic experience, and if you can’t pay your bills because you prefer to meditate, then I would seriously suggest addressing what is going on under the surface.

Here are a few examples of what it's like to be ungrounded:

  • being accident prone
  • unable to make clear decisions
  • not knowing what direction to take
  • bumping into furniture
  • dropping things
  • feeling light headed
  • being forgetful
  • losing the thread of a conversation
  • losing your train of thought
  • driving and not remembering the journey
  • being emotionally reactive 
  • being emotionally oversensitive
  • being physically oversensitive
If you experience these symptoms at all, please make it your aim to work strongly with grounding every day, especially while developing your intuitive abilities. This state can be such a habit for some people they are not even aware what it feels like to be fully embodied!

Grounding Exercise

1) Sit quietly, cross-legged on the earth and preferably in the sun, for a minimum of five minutes, morning and night.
Imagine that your heart center energy flows down and connects to the earth. Ensure that your heart center energy travels down to the very center of the earth and into her crystalline heart. If you only tap into the surface or just below, you will actually be tapping into the astral realm, or fourth dimension, that is held within the earth. This layer is about three hundred kilometers in depth and contains the residue of human emotions, entities, and other unpleasant energies that you do not want to connect with or draw into your body, mind, or heart. Your clear and strong intention is to connect with the earth, heart to heart. When you have connected right into the heart, allow the earth’s healing love to f low up to you, filling your heart and connecting you to your own body. Visualize the earth’s heart at the center of her body and then see your heart at the center of your body.
2) Meditate every day for the next week, concentrating on your consciousness anchoring into the very heart of the earth mother. Visualize your consciousness traveling down through the layers of rock and stone, down through the underground rivers and streams, down though the rivers of fire and lava, and then merging into the earth’s crystalline heart. Perhaps imagine that, just like a ship’s anchor, your consciousness is now held in the heart of the earth mother. Stay there in this connection for as long as you choose. This is a great way to begin any meditation or to prepare yourself for your day.

This is a very healing process and can be used as much as you wish. I invite you to journal after each meditation, noticing any realizations and experiences you’ve had.
During the week, notice if anything changes in terms of you being more present in your life and if there are differences you perceive.

I have developed an amazing guided visualization called “Heart of the Earth Mother,” which can be purchased and downloaded by clicking here. This will help you to ground and can be listened to three times a week initially while you are learning to be in a natural state of being present in your life.

Intuition On Tap

Heidi Jane - Friday, January 24, 2014

I had the absolute pleasure of filming with the wonderful Bobby whilst in New York, having the opportunity to speak about my book. I hope you enjoy.

Intuition on Tap is available at

and and in the Products section of my website.

Intuitive Intelligence

Heidi Jane - Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everyone is born with intuitive intelligence. Most of us unfortunately, have let life get in the way of utilizing and trusting our intuition. We are so busy with work, and children, and our careers that we have forgotten how to listen to our own guidance. How many times have you said to yourself, “I just knew that would happen, but I didn’t listen, and now look where I am!”

If you would love to never hear those words again, then read through the following useful and practical tips that you can use everyday, to help turn on the tap of your intuition.

1) Fear or Love?
When you have a choice or a decision to make in your life, regarding anything at all, ask yourself first, “Am I in a space of fear or am I in a space of love?” Simply put, are your choices made because you are afraid of missing out, losing something or not getting what you want, or are you making choices with an inner sense of calm, trust, and possibility that regardless of the outcome, it will work out exactly as it is supposed to?

2) Inside or Outside?
Where are the answers coming from? Is the guidance that you are receiving in your life coming from outside of yourself, through well meaning friends, family, work colleagues, society or the media? If yes, then this will always contain an agenda, even if it’s other people simply wanting you to be “happy”.
Your intuition comes as a subtle inner knowing of exactly what to do and when to do it, with no attached agenda, period.

3) How do you feel?
Is it intuition or instinct that is driving you? Intuition is felt as a subtle emotional response, whereas your instinct will be felt as a strong physical one. Your instinctive response will release stress hormones based on a potential threatening person, place or event.
Your intuition will give you a sense of peace, calm and surety that you are on the right track and you know exactly what to do.

4) Knowing or thinking?
A great way to gage your intuition in any situation is to check to see what was your primary inner knowing, BEFORE your first thought? Our minds make up all kinds of stories and try to collect evidence from people or events to bolster up long held beliefs, judgments and attitudes. This then overrides our initial accurate impressions.
We have also then become emotionally attached to the outcomes of the situation and choices, which add and even higher level of difficulty, when trying to hear your inner voice, over your mind’s strong opinions.
5) Self-understanding
This one takes time, in fact, a lifetime. If you really want to be able to turn on and off the tap of your intuition when you choose and with stunning accuracy, then you must know who you are and what makes you tick. How are you going to discern your intuitive guidance when you don’t know that you are being influenced by a myriad of experiences, past and present all the time, and that the choices you make can be based on your own beliefs, judgments and self-sabotage? Are your choices based upon “not getting it wrong” or “wanting to get it right”? All this will lead you away from that inner knowing, your intuitive intelligence and toward a place of stress, anxiety and worry.

The last tip I will give you and perhaps, the most important of all, is to be gentle with yourself. Stop tying yourself in knots, wanting to always be in control. Let the grip go and learn to trust yourself and then you will start to see the flow of your intuition come back into your life.

What is the truth?

Heidi Jane - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spiritual Development equals Personal Empowerment, No Exceptions!

As most of you know, I have recently had two books published in the U.S.A., of which I am very proud. When you read these books you quickly discover that they are not your average new age book, on spirit guides and psychic gifts, ascended masters or working with angelsThis is primarily because I do not relate to any of those concepts in the way they have been presented throughout the spiritual and new age industries for many years now. Whenever I scroll through what is being presented on stage, or at shows, or the subject of the latest new age book coming out, its often the same old, same old and it leaves me feeling frustrated!

Do you think, that as we evolve as human beings, perhaps the concepts we are able to accept and relate to may have changed in the last 100, 50 or 20 years? Well, I certainly do and that’s why I’m writing this now.

Some of you know me or have worked with me before either, through workshops, sessions, classes or perhaps you may have seen me on the TV or heard me on the radio? Or maybe this is the first time you have come across me through this website? However you have experienced me and the unique way I approach spirituality, you more than likely understand, that I am not quite your normal, average, everyday “psychic”.  You may even know that I see and experience the world and Spirit very differently than most in the spiritual and new age industry and in fact I feel that a main part of the reason I am here on the planet at this time, is to stand up and start a new dialogue. To invite people to question what they have been previously told and to educate people to STOP GIVING AWAY THEIR PERSONAL POWER.

I have always been a curious woman, passionate about learning, experiencing and making choices that ultimately felt right to me, rather than doing the same thing, everyone else was doing. (I was that child that always had her hand up in class, asking the teacher more and more questions, surrounded by a mass of eye rolling, exasperated students.) I wanted to know what was beneath this or under that. I was never content with the response, ”Because that’s just the way it is.”

I do admit though, that I was once enmeshed in the same new-ageisms that are now rampant within the industry, when I started exploring my spirituality and my apparent intuitive skills. I quickly understood however that what I felt, saw and experienced didn’t fit into the new age paradigm of “love and light”.

Yes of course, I experienced positive experiences and plenty of love, but not in the way that others had told me I should. I experienced love through my own connection to Self, not to anything else, outside of me that positioned itself as higher, better or more evolved. In fact, I could clearly see that there was a false façade thinly covering what I saw as the truth and as reality. I didn’t really resonate with working with spirit guides or so-called ascended masters or angels, in the way they are portrayed, even though I knew a great deal about them. This often left me feeling very confused and wrong and what I would often do is discard my thoughts and experiences, pushing them to the back of my consciousness, as I so desired to be a part of what I thought was a dynamic, embracing, loving, and enlightened community. If I were truly honest with myself however, I would have asked these questions…

  • If this is my experience why is it wrong?
  • If the way that I have been taught doesn’t make sense to me or feel right, then why do I give it power and credibility?
  • If I know that on the deepest level of myself I feel disempowered, small and less than, when I ask angels, masters or guides, for help, why do I do it?

Eventually, I did ask myself those questions and I didn’t like the answers I found. What I discovered was a very dark side to both those spiritual people and supposed spiritual energies that were pretending to be something they were not. Unfortunately both the false spiritual people and false spiritual energies energetically kicked my butt when I began to question what I had previously been told and to make enquiries! (Have I mentioned I tend to learn my lessons the hard way?) You see, I had given them permission to feed from my power and my life force for many years and now all of a sudden I was cutting off their daily meal! I had been complicit with their deceit, mistruths and manipulations by allowing them to disempower me. I decided to close down their drive-thru, take away, fast food restaurant for good. I will admit, this did initially cause me to feel guilty and ashamed. I asked myself, 'Who am I to question and deny them?", and then I found the truth in my answer "Who am I not to?"

I see myself, as the person that has broken through the invisible walls and the glass ceiling that have been created by those that perceive themselves to be “enlightened”, “evolved” or “spiritual”. I have done this for myself and also on behalf of others. When I found myself on the other side of these others-created projections, I discovered a completely new and holistic way of doing what I do, and that the whole "love and light" paradigm was a load of, know what! And that it is used to disempower and shame people! I started to understand that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way! And you know what else I discovered? An enormous amount of relief! It was like letting out a huge breath after holding it in for many years! Finally, I could see that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was capable of loving and accepting all of me, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful!

In my experience if a person tells you that you MUST call in something from outside of yourself to protect you or to help you (Including and especially, the fabled "White Light") or that you MUST follow their dogma or belief system, then there is no true room or possibility for the student to self-evolve, they simply become a carbon copy, regurgitating the same concepts, teachings and limiting paradigms in which they have been schooled. Saying to yourself, “But everyone else is doing it this way!” is simply NOT good enough. Give yourself much more credit than that! If you knew what I now know, about how powerful, beautiful, amazing and divine you truly are, then you would never again call in anything, bow down before, or give your power away to anyone, or anything else, ever!

Very simply, you would know that it is totally unnecessary and disempowering to live your life always seeking answers outside of yourself and denying the whole of you. 

Ask yourself:

  • What are my results?
  • Do I feel empowered and in control of my life as the creator of my reality?
  • How has what I have been doing previously, worked out for me and my life?
  • Do I feel empowered and capable of making decisions for myself?
  • Do I accept all aspects of me, including my shadow and my divinity?
  • Do I feel less than?
  • Do I know who I am?

If you don’t really like the answers you get, then I invite you to take a chance and try something different, perhaps starting with being very honest with yourself about how you have willingly given your spiritual and personal power away to others. I understand this questioning may not make some people happy and you may get push back from others in the industry. In my experience that is par for the course. 

Remember that once many people believed the world was flat and that you would fall off the edge if you travelled too far. Again, just because everyone else believes it, doesn’t mean its true!

At this time in our evolution, I know that many people are waking up from the dream they have been in, and at a huge rate, which I find very exciting! This can feel lonely and disorientating if you have no-one else that understands what you are going through. Don’t despair! You know that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment and in alignment with the choices you have made. Trust yourself to know what to do, seek the answers within you, first and foremost. Rest in the deep well of your own heart, the place where you, your soul and your spirit become one. From there you can access the ultimate wisdom, which is, in fact, your birthright.

I will leave you with a quote from my book Intuition On Tap and I have also included a link to a U.S. radio interview, where I answer questions about my book and about the way I work. If you know someone that may benefit from reading this or listening to the interview please pass it on.


“Remember, you are your own god, goddess, angel, and guide, all rolled into

one beautiful, heart-centered human package. You are your own higher self

and your own teacher. You are your own star, galaxy, and universe. The

moment you know this to be true is the moment you know—truly know—

who you are and what you are capable of.”—Heidi Jane, Intuition On Tap


Remember who you are.

All love,


Indie Book Publishing Intuition On Tap Interview with Author Heidi Jane 

An Invitation to World Leaders

Heidi Jane - Monday, September 09, 2013

As we have had a recent government change in Australia, and in many people's opinions not for the better, I was contemplating what the world would be like if each leader of each country could see the world truly, though both their eyes and their hearts and with an intention to be a part of the greater good and the greater whole, creating a world that is our birthright to experience. As I was contemplating this I came across this video that explains all that I was wanting to say, delivered beautifully and openly.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Please share to whomever you like.


All love, 


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Kym R.

I'm in a terrible place and was hoping Heidi would give me that same boost of confidence and renewed hope for a happy future, as she has before. Heidi is empathetic, caring, funny and so refreshingly honest. Much of what she said is accurate and I so desperately hope she is right about upcoming events. Heidi has a way of shedding a new perspective on things and making one feel worthy. She is a wonderful person and so easy to talk with.....