Intuitive Dynamix Consultations

As Heidi’s reputation in the spiritual industry can attest, she executes any session with a deep passion and desire for you to understand your own innate beauty and difference. 

Heidi conducts all of her sessions with a high degree of professionalism and opportunity for your personal and spiritual growth.

An Intuitive Dynamix Consultation can be described by Heidi using her honed intuitive skills to help you access more of the real you. This session has a therapeutic component whilst providing you with the opportunity of how you can map out your future, based on the knowledge of your past and present.


Empath's Consultations

If you feel you are an Empath then this session will change your life!

After the stunning success of Heidi's talks, The Empath's Survival Guide, at Sydney's Mind Body Spirit Festivals and Health, Harmony and Soul shows, she has developed a specific session to assist you as an Empath, living in this world. 

Have you ever wondered if you are an Empath?

The Empath’s Consultation will determine if you are an Empath and how to manage yourself and your unique way of experiencing the world. Heidi, an Empath herself, has tried and tested what works and what doesn’t and, can assist you to find relief from feeling overwhelmed in your life. 

Inner-Tuition Coaching Package

Heidi is offering a personalised one on one Inner-Tuition Coaching Package to a limited number of clients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired! 

If you have had enough of not getting what you want in your relationships, wealth, business, intuition and health, then Heidi will take you to the next level of success.

Look at Heidi as your secret weapon! Using her expert intuitive abilities, Heidi can help you see what you’ve been missing and how to get the winning edge in your life!

The sessions will be tailored to your needs and will guarantee results in building your business, deepening your relationships and fine tuning your abilities. Heidi wants you to succeed in your life and your business and is both passionate and committed to this end!


Intuitive Consultations

Heidi is offering Intuitive Consultations to so you can fast track your results regarding your priority focus.

This one day accelerated format was created to provide impactful outcomes, moving you through any limitations or barriers with clear and strong intention.

During the 8 hours of face to face coaching with Heidi, you will discover if you are dealing with any internal influences, external influences, ancestral patterns and limiting belief systems that may be preventing you from achieving what you desire. 


Tantric Consultations

Inner-Goddes Tantric Consultations for Women

After having trained with the leading Tantric Teachers around the globe, and being a Tantric Practitioner for a number of years, Heidi has developed breakthrough sessions, focused on helping women to reconnect with, and experience healthy sexuality and relationships. 

This of course includes building upon the relationship with themselves, first and foremost.

Couples Tantric Consultations

After having trained with the leading Tantric Teachers around the globe, and being a Couples Tantric Practitioner for a number of years, Heidi has developed a breakthrough session, focused on helping couples to reconnect with their sexual and intimate relationship.

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Rae T.

I feel so much better. I want to thank you so much. I walked away feeling so much better about things. Heidi is such an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for your insight.....